The Importance of Drywall in the Construction Industry

Properties of Gypsum

The development of all gypsum products begins with a mined mineral rock, gray to white in color, called gypsum. The basic mineral is composed of calcium sulfate chemically combined with water of crystallization. The combined water makes up approximately 20% of the weight of gypsum rock. This feature gives gypsum its fire-resistive qualities and makes it so adaptable for construction purposes. Gypsum panels will not support combustion. When attacked by fire, the chemically combined water in the gypsum crystal is released and turns to steam to help retard the spread of flame and protect adjacent constructions. Gypsum constructions offer excellent sound resistance without excessive bulk or weight.


Thin, lightweight gypsum panel drywall boards are noted for their fast installation and low cost. They are used in the majority of new residential and commercial buildings. It combines the qualities of fire and sound resistance, durability, lightweight, inexpensive, fast and easily decorated.