Our Drywall and Painting Process

Our process starts by inspecting the worksite for safety issues and resolving them. The drywall is stocked by experienced suppliers and placed in the house without damage to openings. We broom the area for our work. Your drywall is attached to the wall only with screws, not nails as nails will later “pop” and look unsightly.

Truss Up-Lift

Whether your trusses will experience seasonal lift causing cracks to appear between walls and ceiling is a hard question to answer. Floating partition wall/ceiling corners is an insurance policy that allows you to not worry about this problem. If you would like to read more about truss up-lift, please visit this website.

Taping and Finishing

Once the drywall is installed we cover floors and protect all windows and doors and bath fixtures. The butt joints and all loose or crushed drywall are all trimmed and pre-filled with hard setting compound. This prevents shrinkage cracks from developing later as the house dries out.

When the final coats are dry and sanded we spray a “surfacer” product over the entire surface. This is a sandable primer that makes a uniform, monolithic surface that minimizes joint “photographing”. (Recommended levels of Drywall Finish)

Then we apply machine or hand texture or touchup for smooth walls followed by prime and paint colors. (Color Visualizer)

When work is finished we pull up floor paper and clean-up work site leaving the jobsite ready for other trades to follow.